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How to get extra 10% bonus?

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Get 10% bonus of your referrals contributions - they get extra 5% bonus for using your Referral Code* as well

How to use referral code?

Step One

Follow the referral link and land on the registration page to join the sale.

If you do not have Referral Link, proceed directly to ico.fluzcoin.io. You will be able to add your Referral Code on a later step.

After this step is completed, you will get your own Referral Code - share it with as many people as possible to get extra bonus.

Step Two

Proceed to the Payment

That’s the step where Referral Code needs to be entered (at the bottom of the page).

Please, do not enter your own referral code, as self-referrals won't count.

Step Three

Complete the payment, get 5% extra bonus for using your friend's referral code

Not sure how? Check Fluzcoin Token Buying Guide here.

How to check your referral program balance?


3 hints to earn referral bonus

Private Network
Share the code with your private network
Forums and chats like Reddit and 4chan could also increase your coverage
Telegram groups and Social Media